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On another topic entirely, I'm seeing Watchmen tonight at midnight. Possibly as an "IMAX Experience" Yayness!
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I'm so mad I feel like swearing!

For anyone else who was starting to get psyched that the release of the Sims 3 was mere weeks away, never mind. The release date has been pushed back to June. June! Is it because there's some major issue with the game, maybe it has bugs that crash your computer and then make it burst into flames? According to their press release it's mostly so they'll have more time to advertise and hype it up. WTF.

That's not what enraged me though. Here's the thing: they already came out with specs and hardware requirements, all which said the game was PC only. I spent weeks researching if the game would be PC and Mac compatible, the way Spore is. (There's no way I was going to go with their separate Mac versions that Aspyr makes.) They never even hinted that it might be Mac compatible; so I finally broke down, got Leopard, made a partition on my Mac with Boot Camp, sullied my beautiful iMac by installing Windows on it, and NOW, two weeks before the game was supposed to come out, they bother to show us what the packaging will look like. And what is that in the upper left corner? Why, it's a little symbol letting me know the game is PC and Mac compatible. Thanks for the early head's up, EA. I let my pristine iMac get raped by Windows for nothing.

Ugh, I feel like I could go on a Christian Bale length rant, but I'll stop myself now. If it weren't for the fact that I know when it eventually does come out, I'll be playing it non-stop and singing the praises of Sims 3, I'd say me and the Sims were done professionally.
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some things in life are weird.

speed posting

Oh, hello.

I didn't mean to fall off the face of the earth, I swear! But first one thing happens, then another, and I feel like the first thing deserves a lengthy post, then a third thing happens, and now I'm behind on posting and all these post-worthy things are piling up. And then I thought I'd have time to catch up over winter break; but then winter break became "winter constantly-work-on-stuff" and now I'm starting the new semester. So I felt like if I didn't post now, I'd just get even more behind. But instead of giving everything in the past few months their own posts like they deserve, I'm going with bullet points; otherwise I'll never actually get around to posting:

-In September (or October? I think it was September) I went to an Obama rally and it was great, exciting, yadda yadda yadda. It was also outside and rainy and extremely wet (and crowded. I never did manage to spot em_meredith.) Even though I protected my trusty little Kodak camera to the best of my ability, it ended up water damaged and useless. But that turned out to be a good thing because it forced me to...

-Get a Nikon D80! I only had to spend about a month obsessively watching every camera on eBay, but I finally got a reasonably priced, slightly used, totally awesome D80. Now that I'm starting to get used to its awesome power, I want to do that meme. So request in comments a picture you'd like to see. It can be anything. I'll take a photo of it and post!.

-I've been watching Lost on G4TV since September. Oh, Lost. This is the first time I've watched any of the episodes since they first aired. I've become completely hooked on watching it every day; I don't know what I'm going to do when they catch up to this upcoming season. A few things I've noticed on this daily re-watch: 1) Kate is unbearably obnoxious. Every. Single. Outing. she has to come too! Don't you dare tell her she can't come! Jack could be holding a testicular cancer screening in the middle of the jungle and she'd still demand to tag along. And when she's not doing that, she's getting up in every woman on the island's business. Sun or Claire can't sneeze without Kate getting in their face, demanding to know what made them sneeze, and then running to tell Jack every last detail. 2) Sawyer is ridiculously hot. 3) Jack is pretty obnoxious and up in everyone's business too. I didn't get all the Jack hate on TWoP before, but now I completely understand. 4) It's easier to tolerate Ana Lucia once you know she'll be gone soon. 5) OMG have I mentioned Sawyer and his hotness?! I also appreciate a man who never wastes an opportunity to make a Star Wars reference.

-Once school started, I had to finish my Harry Potter re-read by listening to the audiobooks during my commute. This was the best idea ever. I actually started to look forward to traffic jams, they just meant more time to find out what Harry was up to! Also, 45 minutes of Stephen Fry reading is very relaxing after a long day. Speaking of which:

-Stephen Fry is my Twitter friend! Between these two things, I'm almost on Fry overload; it's awesome.

-I finished my cross-stitch! After a year and a half! (Photos here and here.) I haven't had a chance to start the second picture in the series because since then I've either been knitting my own project, knitting Christmas presents, or been bogged down with knitting requests from family and friends. Stupid lovable knitting.

-New Year's Eve was low key. Extremely low key. But exciting if you're me. I spent it installing Leopard on my Mac, and then using Boot Camp to install Windows XP. Which can only mean one thing: I can play the Sims again! I played Sims 2 for the first time in over a year! Huzzah! And now I'm all set for Sims 3! (Yes, I considered how ridiculous it was to ask for Leopard and a copy of Windows XP to be my big Christmas presents, to put my little iMac through so much, just to play one measly game. I seriously thought about just giving it up since it's the only game I play. But OMG SIMS 3, I want you so bad.)

-I CAN HAS INTERNSHIP! Just last week I got an unpaid job to be a magazine's graphic design intern. It's unpaid (as mentioned), and there's a hellacious commute all the way to DC, but I'm psyched about having a job where I a) can wear whatever I want. b) I can wear nail polish. c) I don't have to wear an ugly polo shirt or cap that gives me hat hair. d) I'll be sitting down the majority of the time. e) At a desk! f) Working on a computer! g) Did I mention that I won't be standing or running around for hours on end!

-I've been trying to make a new messenger bag for myself (the ole Tink bag is finally starting to die.) that has all sorts of cool accessories like an attachable camera bag and a detachable flap that turns into a clutch. But I'm suffering from a lack of time and some trepidation about my color choices. The main body would be this seafoam/teal-like color. I don't know what compelled me to buy this fabric.

-I just discovered Google Street View. WHY DID NO ONE MENTION THIS EXISTED?! Seeing my house on Google is just bizarre.

So... yeah. That's what's been going on with me. How are y'all?
stewart and colbert are made of awesome

political pumpkin.

Not quite dead, just sick and full of phlegm. The fact that my stomach's 90% Reeses and Snickers probably doesn't help either. Can't wait for tomorrow to be over. That said, I did manage to muster up enough politics!enthusiasm on Friday to make a totally awesome jack-o-lantern:

Nanananana - OBAMA!
The jack-o-lanterns were big hits this year. Some years, like last year when we did Dwight Shrute, no one cares or says anything. This year, everyone oohed and awwed, took photos, the whole shebang. And really, what's the point of making fancypants jack-o-lanterns if not to get lots of attention and compliments?
The Batman stencil came from Zombie Pumpkins. For Obama I looked and looked, checked Yes We Carve a few times and never found an Obama stencil that looked like Obama. So that one's all me and Photoshop.
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mixing business and pleasure

"look at his stupid face."

Watched the Emmys last night - well, okay, fastforwarded through most of them and only actually watched when I saw someone I liked.
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Unrelated to anything freak story: So we saw Burn After Reading (which was, eh, okay.) last week, opening weekend. The movie theater was showing it in one of their smaller theaters, so everyone was packed in, tight enough that I had some woman sitting right next to me. She came in late, brandishing a huge bag that clearly said "Ruby Tuesday's" on it. I didn't look directly at the bag at first, figured she had just come from shopping or something. I didn't really look over until she pulled out from the bag an entire meal on a plastic plate. She then proceeded to spend the first twenty minutes of the movie eating her three-course dinner from Ruby Tuesday's with a knife and fork while I gaped in shock and confoundment. It reminded me a bit of Kevin Murhpy's story about smuggling an entire Thanksgiving dinner into a theater, except that he actually had to smuggle it in, using stealth and covert methods. This woman walked right into a movie theater carrying a giant bag with the name of a restaurant written on it in giant letters. HOW did she even make it past the ticket window? Did she bribe the ticket tearer with dinner rolls?
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I'm not crying... it's just been raining. On my face.

First the bad news: Flight of the Conchords's second season will be its last. Le sigh. I knew that would probably be the case, and it makes sense. Honestly, I was surprised when they said there'd even be a second season; I want to give the boys hugs and sexay times for just doing that much. Still, it's sad to see it announced and official like that.
(Maybe there can be a non-musical spinoff? Murray's Wild Band Managing? Gingerballs and Greg ? Murray Hewitt: Present? I think I'll miss Murray the most is what I'm saying.)

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I need Adobe After Effects. Like YESTERDAY.

Well, I've survived my first week of classes. Which I think is a bit of an accomplishment since this is the first semester where I have to drive to the campus that's 45 minutes away (IF there's no traffic, and that's a monumentally large if.) four days in a row.

Despite that, and despite the night class I have on Mondays and Wednesdays, AND despite the fact that I'm stuck with my least favorite professor from last semester again, I'm still pretty psyched. I already have two web banner assignments; if I'm gonna have piles of non-stop assignments at least they'll be the super fun, make-web-graphics type of assignments. (As much as I miss my old school's English program, getting a pile of novels every semester, juggling reading four or more books at once, discussing them all day, all week, I do not miss essay assignments. Not one iota. Essays were the worst kind of un-fun imaginable.)

I'm also psyched because the weather knew it was back-to-school week and has spontaneously become breezy, drizzly, grey, and very nearly crisp. Perfect school weather. It makes me think of that "bouquet of sharpened pencils" line in You've Got Mail and makes me want to knit.
(Really, summer weather hanging around after school starts is just icky and depressing.)

Also, today I learned that kinetic type projects are ridiculously awesome. You gotta see some of these:
the rules of Fight Club
Who's on First
I fart in your general direction
Choose Life
Are You Gonna Be My Girl?

And this one is its own kind of insanely brilliant because it's all stop-motion:
Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica
mixing business and pleasure

Then he has a sugar crash in the afternoon. And then he falls asleep.

What has two thumbs and made The Office-themed cupcakes this afternoon? This gal!

My friend brought her recently acquired The Office trivia game over today since my brother and I are the biggest Office freaks she knows. It turns out that the game kinda sucks. It should've been fun or exciting, but the game's creators made it not that way. I hate so much about the things that it chose to be. It was confusing and had ten different things going on at once and we couldn't keep track of what we were supposed to be doing. I still don't even fully understand how someone wins.
So game-play quickly dissolved into us just taking turns asking each other the trivia questions, and first one to answer twenty correctly wins. That was a much more fun game and a good time was had by all, in spite of the board game's best efforts to suck all the fun out of Office trivia.

(Side rant: I really hate when board games go crazy like that. It was just like when they came out with a real-life Jumanji board game. You've never seen two kids as excited for a board game as my brother and I were when it was released. First of all, it was ugly and visually busy and cheap-looking. I would happily spend money on a non-functioning game that looked as gorgeous as the game in the movie. The real disappointment though was that it was such a complicated, convoluted, slow game, I don't think we played it all the way through even once. We were the saddest of sad pandas the day we brought Jumanji home and discovered its lameness.)

The real highlight of the day was the cupcakes we baked in honor of the Office occasion:
sugar+chocolate+The Office=WIN
(Going roughly left to right, top to bottom, we have: three cuppin' cakes that spell out Jim, "Fun Run 5K" (which is five kilometers, not five thousand miles.), angry Dwight, Jim and his hair, a phone for Pam, right under that is Meredith's beverage of choice, and then a coffee mug, a tie, "Dwigt", Sprinkles the cat, and "World's Best Boss". You could try to be as dorky as us, but you would never succeed.)
Duff Goldman, we are not. But they were yummy and that's the important thing.
panties on!

"they don't even know why they're angry yet!"

First the big (already old) news: The Sims 3 has a release date!!!1eleventy!! I am a mere six months away from Sim nirvana. (Thanks to a series of unfortunate computer dilemmas I haven't been able to play Sims 2 in nearly a year. I still feel the pangs of withdrawal every time a new expansion pack is released.) I feel like I should start preparing for that week now because as soon as that game's installed, I'm not moving from my computer chair for at least three days. At least. It's gonna be awesome.

I need to get away from the Scramble application on Facebook. It is crack. Pure vocabulary crack. I don't know why I'm going on about Sims 3; apparently if I let it, Scramble would keep me occupied for twelve hours straight just as easily.

Marauders-y fic rec: Frankie Says Relax by cynicalpirate. Very different and fun.
(I wish I had some Iron Man fic to rec, but whenever I go hunting for fic anymore, every last thing is a WIP with thirty installments already, and no end in sight. Every. Last. One. When did this happen? I can't keep dozens of epic WIPs straight in my head indefinitely!)

Revelation of the day: I found out about the worst fanfic ever written. And indeed it is! The one good thing to come from it though is these three Scottish guys reading it aloud whilst taking the piss outta it. Hearing their hilarious reactions totally made it worth the hour I lost to that monstrous murderer of the English language.